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For many years Myrtle Beach has been one of the premier tourist locations along the eastern seaboard. A stunning city set against a beautiful beach. this area has attracted millions and inspired even more. However, as residents know, the downtown area of Myrtle Beach has had difficulty keeping pace with the increased tourist trade and the needs and demands of that vital industry. With the focus firmly placed outside of the city proper, the need has arisen to revitalize Myrtle Beach’s downtown area and the city has risen to the occasion!

The plan to improve the historic and charming city is founded upon a few notable areas and defined values that have made this city one of the most popular areas in the Eastern U.S. At the center of the revitalization plan is the Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach sits in the nexus of this noted string of beaches and is one of the major attraction points in the area. The city has defined 5 different districts each with a set of development and improvement goals. The Entry District, The North Entertainment District, The Central Amusement District, The South Mixed-Use District, and The Beach District.

Each of these 5 areas will be woven into the fabric that is the new Myrtle Beach. What does this mean for the real estate industry? Opportunity! This development call for a variety of housing options to be constructed and that translated into excellent real estate investment and purchase opportunities. There are exciting things happening in the near future in Myrtle Beach and with the existing culture and scenery it is essentially going to make an already amazing package even more irresistible. This also means a dramatic increase in services and amenities for current residents Along with residential development there will also be an infusion of new commerce and business designed to keep pace with the surging popularity of Myrtle Beach and to provide top-notch and exciting services on a year round basis. Keep looking to Myrtle Beach for exciting developments as this area is renowned for amazing waterfront properties and condos, and there are more going up all the time.

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