Myrtle Beach – A Peach Within Reach

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Myrtle Beach Vacation

In spite of the prolific building in Myrtle Beach, the realty market is booming here. Many second home buyers are looking to buy in this area, where the warm weather is more stable than further south. Who wouldn’t want to live in this delightful place? Myrtle Beach was voted #1 on a list of ‘Most Popular Vacation Rental Destinations’ compiled by; it has also been called the ‘Golf Capital of the World’.

There could be several reasons why it has the “golf” nick-name. First, there are over 120 golf courses located here, and the majority of these courses are open to the public – a real plus. Alternatively, it could be the fact that a record 4.2 million rounds of golf have been played at Myrtle Beach. Or could it be the fifty miniature golf courses?

But forget the golf – just come and look at this incredibly beautiful beach location. To visit Myrtle Beach is to feel as if you have arrived somewhere exotic – and you have! Each year upwards of ten million tourists visit this appealing area, to enjoy the scenery, the climate and the southern hospitality.

Myrtle Beach is the hub of the ‘Grand Strand’ beach area, sixty miles of the most exquisite and pristine beach in the world. Reports indicate that this area of America is so sought after that realty prices have held steady here during the national crisis. Growth predictions bode well and with the time coming closer for the baby boomers to retire, Myrtle Beach looks like a number one area to explore for a possible home.

The number one reason is probably the reasonable real estate prices that are still holding at the moment.

But putting aside such crassness as pricing: not only does Myrtle Beach have endless golfing opportunities with moderate year round temperatures to make golfing so accessible – it offers much, much more.

There is great shopping, live Broadway-type shows, and a diverse choice of music, sports and restaurants. It also has a very diverse selection of homes, from luxury to simple, from high rise condo to single family bungalow – and so many of these homes are brand new and sparkling.

Although the area has history dating back to the 17th century, Myrtle Beach itself was only founded early in the 20th century. It is a clean, modern resort, which has its own International Airport.

Developers have pushed ahead of the curve in anticipating more growth with the influx of new businesses and more tourism projects; there are new luxury apartments, condominiums, town homes and regular homes to choose from.

Tourism will become an even bigger money spinner for anyone who is interested in a little bed and breakfast business. The area is soon to be opening its first one-of-a-kind “Hard Rock Theme Park”. This is a $140 million, 140 acre project which will house roller coasters, an amphitheater, shows and roller coasters among its over 40 attractions. It will also include dining and retail – what a good idea!

In 2006 Myrtle Beach was the fastest growing area in the USA, according to the US census. This would indicate that a jump in realty prices could be just around the corner.

With mortgage interest rates so low, and the properties in Myrtle Beach still going for a reasonable price, it is worth a little trip here to just come and see. You will not believe that such a captivating area is right on your doorstep unless – you just come and see….

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