Add Glitz to Your Holiday Staging

Staging a home for sale during the holidays has its challenges. You want to create an atmosphere that say’s “Christmas”, but not to

Holiday Staging

Holiday Staging

distract potential buyers from the actual house. Take a look around your home this season, have you decorated with the same garland, red bows and cute little snowmen statues that you use every year? Tradition is a wonderful practice, but maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. The holiday is full of glitz and sparkle, and maybe it’s time to make your home stand out by adding some to your decor.

Before you begin stocking up on Christmas sparkles, remember the decorations you add should enhance your current decor, and not try to overpower it. If your walls are a more neutral color, splashes of gold, silver or shiny blues and reds can make the room come alive.

Taupe colored walls with dark trim can be jazzed up with accents of royal purple and copper.

Try to use different mediums to add glamour to your decor; this year feathers are all the rage. Try weaving an old boa around your traditional green garland or use colorful strands of feathers around the bases of candles. Add sizzle to a bouquet of poinsettias by adding silver or gold feathers to the arrangement.

Is it painful to toss those old ornaments? Not to worry, they can be recycled. Make patterns out of white glue on your old Christmas balls and cover with sparkling glitter.

Take some interesting shaped fruits and vegetables such as pineapples or artichokes and spray paint them with metallic gold or silver paint and arrange on an interesting platter.

Don’t forget when setting a holiday table to dust the tablecloth with glittery sprinkles and use metallic colored candles and napkin rings.

Many people limit their holiday decorating to the living room/dining room area, but this is a missed opportunity. Pepper your house with glamorous seasonal touches throughout. Get some ultra chic hand towels for the powder rooms and add some flowers to the bedroom.

Adding holiday glamour to your decor will make your home stand out amongst the others, and most importantly, to those potential buyers.

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